Lake Minnetonka & Area Cities


Lake Minnetonka, a northern lake feel right in the Western Minneapolis suburbs.  The Lake Minnetonka area encompasses many great school districts and local cities.  Below are LINKS TO VARIOUS CITY WEBSITES.

Vastness of Lake Minnetonka


Lake Minnetonka officially has over 110 miles of lakeshore and 14,528 acres of water with various inviting islands in which to dock a boat, swim and explore.  This lake is very popular for both recreation and sport activities.  The lake hosts a wide range of activities from that of sailing brigades to ice fishing contests.  Lake Minnetonka is also home to many beaches and parks for the community to enjoy.

The Lake Minnetonka real estate is extensive.  With over 110 miles of lakeshore, you will find real estate property from small seasonal cabins to glamourous multi-million dollar homes.  People living on the lake may just come for the summer season or make it their permanent residence and enjoy all the lake has to offer year round.

The lake itself has a great history.  Lake Minnetonka was said to be discovered by portagers back in 1822; however, the land was first inhabited by Native Americans.  Mound was one of the first cities developed in the area and was originally named Mound City due to the various visible Ancient Indian burial grounds.

The Minnehaha Creek  had a dam built on it in 1852 when the logging industry developed in the Minnetonka Mills currently known as the Minnetonka area.  Following this a New Yorker settled on the lake in the Excelsior area and claimed it as the Excelsior Pioneer Association.  In 1854 the city of Wayzata was founded and soon after so were Deephaven and Orono.

As the nation become more industrialized so did the Lake Minnetonka area.  In 1867 the railroad came out to Wayzata opening up this wonderful area to those across the United States.  Victorian hotels were built all around the lake to accommodate all the sightseers.  One of the well-known grand hotels built in 1879 was The Lake Park Hotel in the Tonka Bay.  In addition, in 1881 elegant steamboat tours began to spring up on Lake Minnetonka.  One of the famous steamships was the “City of St. Louis” that could accommodate up to 1000 passengers.

Lake Minnetonka had developed into a true tourist destination in under 30 years.  The Lake continues to thrive on tourism.  Nowadays many people utilize the lake for recreation, dine at many of the lakefront restaurants, enjoy the myriad of beaches and parks while also taking in all that its accompanying cities have to offer!



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