Lake Minnetonka Real Estate

If you have always wanted to buy real estate on Lake Minnetonka, now is the time!  The Lake Minnetonka real estate market is in full bloom with homes for sale ranging from the 400′s to the multi-millions.

Just in this past month, I have sold three homes in the Lake Minnetonka Area.  I have also helped many buyers purchase homes this summer.  If you are interested in buying a home or selling a home in the western suburbs on Minneapolis, especially in the Lake Minnetonka Area, I encourage you to take a look through my new website is an enhanced version of my current real estate website is a new and improved site that has everything you'll need to know about buying or selling a house in the Lake Minnetonka Area.  This website is unique in that it offers you information not only on homes for sale in the Lake Minnetonka Are but also about the communities, restaurants, festivals, schools and much more in the area! You can think of my new site as a one-stop-shopping location for buying or selling Real Estate on Lake Minnetonka.

I would love your feedback on my new site  I encourage you to peruse through the site to see all it has to offer.   Please let me know how I can help you buy that Lake Minnetonka real estate you've always dreamed of owning or to help you sell what you own today.

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