My Top 5 Tasks Before Putting Your Home On The Market This Spring

Hey guys, its Nick Landon of The Lake Minnetonka Home Team! The holidays are done, work schedules are getting back to normal, and we finally have ice on Lake Minnetonka for the fisherman! As we all dream of warmer weather outside, some sellers are busy indoors getting ready to put their home on the market for this coming spring. These are the top 5 things I am looking for whenever I come into a home that is getting ready for sale.

#5: Make that Bathroom Shine!

Bathrooms can be a very happy or scary place for a buyer. I think we would all like to be able to say we have a pristine private area but that is just not the case. Keep the sink area de-cluttered except for maybe a few decorative soaps or candles. Buyers want to see how much space they will have to get ready on a busy morning! Trash bins, toilet cleaning supplies, and reading material can be hidden during showings or opens. We want people open the shower door or slide back the curtain and say “Wow! Look how clean it is!” Consider doing a new silicone bead job  for old caulking that is cracked or stained and bleach has always worked wonders for an old shower floor. Don't forget to shine off the water spots and if the vanity is looking tired try adding a new coat of paint to it for a fresh look! A clean bathroom gives a great feeling to a potential buyer!

#4: Upgrade Complete!

One of the largest misconceptions I run into when sellers start thinking of putting their home on the market is “What I put in, I'll get out”. For example replacing all your 90′s appliances and counter tops with granite and stainless steel which may cost $6000 dollars or more. Do not remodel just to sell, but do it for your enjoyment and appreciate it for a few years because it will still be “new” when it comes time to sell. Returns will vary but if you are lucky you may get 80% return on the  new kitchen you put in two weeks before your home goes on the market. It was your hard earned money in that kitchen, enjoy it for awhile! If you are looking for a quick spruce up in the kitchen the cheapest route is always a neutral paint or cabinet hardware.

#3: Lighten Up on the Paint!

A segway from #4, the cheapest, best, and quickest upgrades you can make to your home are paint and lighting. If your daughter had to have the hot pink room back in the 4th grade but is now off at college, it may be time to neutralize. Buyers come into a home looking to make it theirs and certain paint jobs can threaten them. If you have some “lovely” colors throughout your home consider switching to tans, off whites, or lighter browns. It will allow for a buyer to envision their belongings much easier in the home and a fresh coat of paint will give that newer home smell! Lighting isn't as big of a task as paint but make sure the light bulbs are all in working fashion and are of the same consistency.

#2: Making Your Home into a House!

Although grandma's photo on the beach in her bikini is a great memory from a family vacation, it may give the buyer some unwanted nightmares. De-cluttering of the personals is another way of increasing your chances of finding a buyer for your home. Trinkets, knick knacks, and family photos must be reduced to a minimal number. It will give the house a feeling of having more space and once again make it easier for the buyer to envision it as their own. If the closets are full, clear out at least 50% of the materials. Its hard for people to see potential space in a closet that is about to burst open. Also, if there are furry companions in the family there may be a certain odor to your home. A few air fresheners work wonders and routine grooming keeps hair to a minimum.

#1: The Outside Comes First!

Before I even step into your home I have made a partial judgment. Curb appeal plays a major role in every price range. Now I'm not looking for your shrubs to have a perfect sphere cut but if you do have a garden lining the front of your home make sure there are more planted flowers and shrubs than weeds. If the driveway is looking a little banged up from the seasons a new sealant coat is cheap and efficient for immediate appeal to a potential buyer. For Lake Minnetonka home owners, clearing weeds close to shore makes you stand out from the rest. Other outside factors include cleaned gutters, clear out the “old treasures” on the sides of the home, roofing, dead grass (animal spots), and removal of spider webs/dead insects from the outdoor lights! It may seem like a lot, but if all of this is taken care of a buyer may be sold before they even come in! I have found that curb appeal is almost always a 90%+ return on investment.

Of course, there are  a few more topics I could touch on but if you can check these 5 subjects off your list you are ahead of the game for putting your home up for sale and netting top dollar! If you are thinking its almost time to make a move my father and I would love to meet and take a walk through your home! As always you can reach me via email at or 612-280-2758.


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