Why Go to Open Houses on Lake Minnetonka?

Open Houses in Lake Minnetonka

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If you are in the market to buy a home or sell a house, I highly recommend visiting a variety of open houses on a Sunday afternoon.  (If you are looking to buy or sell on Lake Minnetonka consider me, Tim Landon ‘Your Lake Minnetonka Realtor', I'd love to help you.)

Open houses are a great way to see what type of properties are in your area or the area in which you hope to move soon.  Every Sunday, you can search in the local newspaper or online for open houses.  I also have a great tool on my current website www.lakeminnetonkahometeam.com to find open houses.   These tools allow you to pick areas by city or zip code in addition to narrowing down your search by home price, number of bedrooms, and other criteria you may desire. (Just to the right of this webpage you can also see my upcoming/current open house.)

Clearly, if you are in the real estate market to buy a home it makes sense to visit a variety of open houses to see what is out there for sale.  However, keep in mind another benefit of going to Sunday afternoon open houses is to meet various real estate agents who can help in your home search.  I thrive on having an open house, typically one of my many homes for sale on Lake Minnetonka, so I can meet people just like you looking to buy a home.  It is important you find a realtor you can trust, who will negotiate hard for you and who knows the area in which you want to make one of the biggest purchases ever in your life.  I have lived in the Lake Minnetonka are for over 40 years and have been an agent for over 28 of those years.  I have also had three homes of my own on Lake Minnetonka so if you are looking to buy a home on Lake Minnetonka I would love to assist you!

I also encourage you to consider attending Sunday afternoon open houses to look at real estate property even if you are in the market to sell your home.  Again, attending open houses allows you to meet various real estate agents out there and interview them to potentially sell your home for you.  Also, open houses give you an opportunity to see the prices for which other homes are going for in your area so you have a better idea of what your home may be worth.  I throughly enjoy meeting new clients.  When I meet sellers for the first time my goal is to get all their questions and concerns answered.  One way I do this is by preparing a Market Evaluation for your home.  This allows all of us to get a better understanding of what your home is truly worth then give us an opportunity to develop a sales and marketing plan to get you the most possible for your home.

I hope for you two things today: 1) if you are in the market to buy or sell a home that you find your way to some open houses and 2) if your home needs are in the Lake Minnetonka area that you make me part of your stop! CLICK HERE TO SEE MY CURRENT OPEN HOUSES

Good luck with your real estate needs, I truly home to meet you soon!

Best Regards,
Tim Landon

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