Home Buying in Lake Minnetonka Area is Thriving!

Buying homes in the Lake Minnetonka Area has been a hot item this summer!  Being a realtor in the Mound, Minnetrista, Wayzata and Excelsior area for over 23 years I have continued to sell real estate during all the market ups and downs.  In the past 4 years, we have experienced some downward trend but we have entered the summer of CHANGE and GROWTH!

This has been a BUSY spring and summer when it comes to buying a house or selling a house in the Lake Minnetonka Area.  This summer I currently have 11 properties for sale with another one coming on tomorrow, just click and take a look at all my Featured Listings.

In helping my home buyers and sellers this spring and summer, I alone will reach double digits in the number of units sold!  In comparison to the last two summers, this growth is EXPONENTIAL and a definite sign that the REAL ESTATE MARKET IS IMPROVING!

Looking to buy a home? Now is the time!  Today's 30 year mortgage rate is 3.75%.  This is an exceptional rate and NOW is the time to take advantage of it and buy a home.  FHA and 15 year rates are also excellent, click on and take a look at all of Today’s Mortgage Rates.

Looking to sell a home? Again, it is clear the market is improving.  Agents in the area are getting single and multiple offers that sellers are willing to work with to get a price they want.  If you are looking to sell, I encourage you to click on Selling Your Home on my website YourLakeMinnetonkaRealtor.com and learn how I can help you.

I pride myself on being Your Lake Minnetonka Realtor and would love to help you in your real estate endeavors.  If you have EVER been thinking about buying or selling a home, now IS the time!

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